Mai Tai
navy strength jamaican rum, martinique rhum, orange liqueur,
orgeat, lime juice $12.50

jamaican navy strength rum, plantation oftd rum,
lemon hart 151, demerara rum, lime, grapefruit, cinnamon, passion fruit,
falernum, lime, bitters, absinthe $13.50

Tropical Itch
black jamaican rum, rye whiskey, passion fruit, cinnamon,
orgeat, grapefruit, lime $13.50

Navy grog
jamaican navy strength rum, overproof demerara rum, honey,
allspice, lime, grapefruit $13

Cobra's Fang
lemon hart 151 demerara rum, fresh lime and orange juice,
grenadine, falernum, absinthe, bitters $13.5

Lapu Lapu
plantation oftd rum, duquesne rhum agricole, lemon, orange,
passion fruit, dark rum float $13.50

jamaican navy strength rum, plantation oftd rum, crème de
coconut, pineapple, orange $12.50

Singapore Sling
beefeater london dry gin, benedictine, luxardo cherry liqueur,
lime, pineapple, bitters $13.50

Ti' Punch Vieux
aged french agricole rhum, lime oil, whisper of cane sugar $12


River Kwai
lost spirits navy rum, lemonhart 151, orange shrub, lime,
falernum, angostura, absinthe $13.50

coruba black jamaican rum, demerara, falernum, allspice $12.50

coruba jamaican dark rum, plantation oftd rum, lime, passion fruit,
grenadine, peychaud's bitters $13

Rum Fashion'
plantation oftd rum, aged french agricole rhum, falernum, bitters $12.50

wray & nephew jamaican over proof white rum, coruba dark
jamaican rum, orange, pineapple, lime, falernum, grenadine, bitters $13

Best cocktails in Orange County

Looking for the best cocktails in Orange County? Seal Beach's intimate 320 Main is a friendly, spirited and quality driven restaurant that specializes in classic American dishes & freshly crafted cocktails with simple but inspired twists. 320 Main long ago set the benchmark in Orange County for cutting edge, creative craft cocktails. Owners Jason & Rebecca Schiffer have all but perfected the art of re-imagining popular cocktail recipes, utilizing the latest techniques and ingredients, all the while refining their standard cocktail repertoire that pays homage to America's greatest gift to the culinary world. The result is nothing short of spectacular - truly some of the best cocktails in Orange County. Whether you are looking for a classic drink or a completely original concoction, there is something for everyone at 320 Main.

Wonder what goes into making the best cocktails in Orange County? Come in and see for yourself! Our classic cocktails include drinks like the Moscow Mule, Pisco Punch, and Mai Tai, all perfect for sipping by the beach. One of the popular signature drinks is the Scuttlebutt, made with bulleit rye whiskey, bitters, and grapefruit aromatics.

Looking for a great deal? Come in during happy hour for great discounts on the best cocktails in Orange County. Happy hour is from 3-6pm every day and all day on Sunday. Happy hour specials include classic cocktails, beer, and wine for the low price of $5. If you buy a Copper Mug for $25, you can get a $2 discount on all Moscow Mule refills with your mug and a $5 discount during happy hour.

320 Main also offers many weekly specials on the best cocktails in Orange County. On Tiki Tuesday from 6pm-close, classic and signature Tiki cocktails are $8. Come celebrate Wine and Whiskey Wednesday with half off wine by the glass, free corkage, and half off select whiskeys. You can't beat these prices for some of the best cocktails in Orange County.

320 Main Seal Beach CA, 90740
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Open Tues-Fri 3pm & Sat-Sun 11am